Terms and conditions


Dansk Gummi Industri A/S uses Orgalime SC 06 as common sales and delivery conditions. However, Dansk Gummi Industri A/S has chosen, regardless of the arbitration clause in Orgalime SC 06 article 54, to preserve the right to instead bring legal proceedings at the courts of Denmark according to relevant procedural law.

The legal relationship of the parties is further regulated by Orgalime SC 06 unless a written agreement states otherwise.

For further information concerning Orgalime SC 06, visit www.orgalime.org or Dansk Industri www.di.dk.

Payment terms: Net cash payment 8 days from delivery. In case of late payment, incurred interest of 1.8% each month is added from due date.

All invoices are subject to an environmental allowance.

Guidelines for rights of use for designs, molds and tools

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S owns all immaterial rights to designs, molds and tools, including all copyrights, design rights and product rights made and created by Dansk Gummi Industri A/S. Thus, Dansk Gummi Industri A/S owns the properties to all developed, manufactured and constructed designs, molds and tools.

The customer buys a right of use for a design, mold and/or tool from Dansk Gummi Industri A/S

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S is not allowed to use the design, mold and/or tool for other customers without the customer’s consent as long as the customer places orders at Dansk Gummi Industri A/S. This commitment is valid until 6 months after the customer’s final order on the specific product. Henceforth, Dansk Gummi Industri A/S are free to use such designs, molds and tools.

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S stores designs, molds and tools.

It is the customer’s obligation to insure molds and tools from fire.

In order to protect the knowhow attached to manufacturing and constructing designs, molds and tools, Dansk Gummi Industri A/S are not obligated to deliver designs, molds or tools to the customer.

Dansk Gummi Industri A/S are in charge of maintaining molds and tools on behalf of the customer.

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Registered trademark

Please note that PRO-PAD® is a registered design and trademark at Dansk Gummi Industri A/S. Anyone using this without permission will be prosecuted.