Food industry

Customized products with a special focus on safety and hygiene

Food industry
Food approved materials in rubber and polyurethane

Food approved materials

At Dansk Gummi Industri, we have vast technical knowledge and experience with products that require specific food approvals and have particularly high hygiene requirements. We create solutions for manufacturers and processing companies in all parts of the food industry, for instance abattoirs, dairy farms, bakeries and other food and beverage manufacturers.

We can help you develop solutions that meet particularly high hygiene and safety requirements, and we can manufacture items with a wide range of approvals such as DVGW, KTW, FDA, BGVV, WRAS and W270 as well as EU regulation 10/2011 and 2017/752.

We concentrate on your company’s specific needs and we are happy to participate actively in your product development from idea to final product. You are more than welcome to contact us if we can help your company with solutions in the food industry.

Rubber rollers

 Rubber rollers are used for many different purposes. We customize, manufacture and renovate rubber rollers in all sizes, surfaces and shapes.

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Polyurethane rollers

 We do coating and renovation of solid PUR on rollers in all sizes and materials. Including solutions approved by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food.

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Production of rubber wheels - industrial wheels made of rubber

Rubber wheels

 We manufacture rubber coatings with different features depending on purpose and specifications for trucks, lifting carriages, roller trestles and transport wagons etc.

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Polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane wheels

We  manufacture polyurethane wheels based on our customers’ individual needs for load, resistance and durability. For instance, truck wheels, feeder wheels, bandages, lifting carriages and heavy-duty castors.

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Molded rubber

 Based on individual demands for functionality, durability and flexibility, we provide molded rubber solutions in countless shapes, sizes and qualities.

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Molded polyurethane

Molded polyurethane

 Based on demands for flexibility, functionality and durability, we provide customized solutions in molded polyurethane.

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Polyurethan PUR plader, stænger og rør

Rubber sheets, rods and tubes

 We provide PUR solutions in pipes, rods and sheets. Pressing and stamping, gaskets and strips, rods, pipes, bushings and dampers.

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 For the food industry, we manufacture and deliver customized gaskets for all kinds of purposes. Developed specifically for our customers’ needs.

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