Demanding blade transport calls for modular solutions

Transportation of wind turbine blades is a complex, time consuming and costly operation. Project costs are increasing, new tooling needs and higher logistics demands.

The blades are long – growing in size year by year – and they are challenging to move from one place to another as you need to take both physical and legal limitations into account.

Blades are critical to the wind turbine project

To provide for a safe transportation the securing should be in line with current regulations. The safety and working conditions of the people handling the equipment must also be prioritized.

Wind turbine blades are expensive and critical to the wind turbine so a damage to the blade will not only result in a substantial cost but also risk delaying the installation project.

Modular and cost-effective solutions for transport of wind turbine blades

Modular design approach

Consequently, wind turbine transportation must be taken seriously and to meet all conditions a modular solution is preferred.

Recent years have shown an increase in blade design release pace.

With the PRO-PAD® System’s modular design approach new tooling investments can be avoided, and inventory stocks kept at a minimum as same part numbers are re-used for different blades.

Flexible solution

The PRO-PAD® System from Dansk Gummi Industri is designed for quick and easy installation and with recent addition to the product range, PRO-PAD® Flex now makes it possible to replace curved PRO-PADs, i.e. on leading edge support areas with simple hand tools.

The modularity secures fit for every design, makes it easy to install and cost-effective to replace on site, rather than bringing the tool to a workshop.

Transport, storage and handling

Did you know that Dansk Gummi Industri offers the PRO-PAD® System in multiple shores or levels of hardness? We can help you select the right material for your application.

PRO-PAD® System started out as a solution for transport, storage and handling of wind turbine blades, but today it is also used for towers, nacelles, monopiles etc.

Besides the PRO-PAD® System we offer other products for protection of wind turbine blades during transportation.


Tip Protector for protection of blade tip during transport and storage.

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