Storage of wind turbine blades, towers and nacelles

Modular and cost-effective solutions for transport of wind turbine blades


 The PRO-PAD® System™ is a   module-based solution that you can combine and adjust for any need and without up-front costs.

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BRC-PRO™ - stable and safe solution for handling of wind turbine blades

Blade Resting Cradle (PRO-PAD® BRC™)

Complete solution for internal transport and storage.

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Complete rack for storage of wind turbine blades. Flexible solution built in sustainable materials.

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PRO-PAD® LOAD 303-40P82™

Tower Pads - PRO-PAD® LOAD 303-40P82™

PRO-PAD® LOAD 303-40P82™ was developed with inspiration from PRO-PAD® FRICTION™ for transport and handling of towers, nacelles and driveshafts.

The dimensions of the two solutions are similar but PRO-PAD® LOAD has a higher load capacity.

The products are available in non-permeable black, which ensures stain-free transport of the objects.

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